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Parental Guidance

I can’t wait to be a dad. On a practical level, yes of course I can wait to be a dad. What I mean though is the thought of one day having someone in my life, who’s existence is of far greater importance then my own, is hugely exciting. Creating a new life I imagine […]

Friends, And The Fear Of Letting Go

Imagine keeping every item of clothing you’ve ever worn, from the day you were born up to the present. At some stage the older stuff won’t fit any more. This is much how I view friendships. At the risk of sounding cold hearted, I’m fully aware that friends are a lot more important then clothes. […]

Why I don’t Need My Cooking Shows With a “Lesbian Twist”

First and foremost an apology for the delay between posts. A lot has been taking up my time of late and alas blog writing duties slipped down the lengthening list of priorities. I’m not the greatest cook, in all honesty recipes cause my pulse to race and my breathing to shorten. I’d have to describe […]

I Wrote A Play (And Feel Awful About It)

Some context initially will be helpful. One of the units I have studied this semester is titled “World Theatre: Cultures and Concepts.” At first I was skeptical about choosing a theatre unit (admittedly it hadn’t been a second or even third choice) as theatre had always to me been a strange beast that had never […]

What Driving a Classic Car Can Teach You About Life

For the past 2 years I have been lucky enough to cruise around Perth in a 1973 Morris Marina 1800 (and for the record its the DELUXE model…ooooh). Isn’t she a beauty? Betsy has been the family runabout in my girlfriend’s household for many years. Marion (my girlfriend Grace’s mother) generously handed the keys over […]

A New Addition

Today I had intended on being a whirlwind of productivity. There was script writing to be done and revision to be started and I had promised myself to keep distraction to a minimum, but what’s a man to do when a new guitar arrives on his doorstep?! I’d been waiting for her (like ships and […]

Jolly St. A

As all good things must come to an end, so all excruciating mediocrities must begin. Before this blog reaches anything close to a sense of direction I thought I might search my memory for something almost worthy of sharing. Rather then start at the beginning, allow me to commence from somewhere nextdoor-but-one to the present, though not quite […]